We are a nonprofit, charitable organization that serves as a community radio station for Salem, Oregon. Our format and style is non traditional but fun, eccentric, scientific and effective. We love Salem and our local culture is supported and causes and events are attended by a large listenership that shares our values and interests.

Plus, radio is fun.

Meet Our Hosts

Our team of passionate DJs and hosts are music enthusiasts who live and breathe the art form. They handpick each song and craft unique playlists that span genres and eras, ensuring a captivating and eclectic listening experience for our audience.

The Moon DJs - 3

Suzee On The Moon

Mondays 11AM to 1PM

Bringing the rock.

The Moon DJs - 1

DJ 42

Mondays 4PM to 8PM

Bringing the new tunes.

The Moon DJs - 5


Tuesdays 11AM to 1PM

Bringing the ska and punk.

The Moon DJs - 8

DJ Sloan

Wednesdays 2PM to 4PM

Bringing the beats.

The Moon DJs - 6


Wednesdays 4PM to 7PM

Bringing the passion.

The Moon DJs - 4


Wednesdays 7PM to 9PM

Bringing the style.

The Moon DJs - 7


Thursdays 3PM to 6PM

Bringing the smarts.


Sons of Salem w/ Doug Hoffman

Thursday 6PM to 8PM

The legendary citizen. All vinyl.

The Moon DJs - 2


Bringing the stories.

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